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Case Studies

Real Life Pet Resort Success Stories

How a Pet Resort went from Surviving to Thriving in 18 Months

Town and Country Pet Care Center had been providing pet boarding, grooming, training, and daycare services to pet parents in their community for 50 years. Business was steady with the usual peaks during the holidays. But longtime owner Liz Carpino realized that if they wanted to increase business and grow, they couldn’t continue doing the same thing year after year.

How to Grow a Pet Resort and Profit from Selling it in Less than 2 Years

In 2002 Jason Shine and his wife started Fog City Dogs, a pet resort that offered daycare for dogs in the San Francisco Bay area. They wanted to create a service that provided exceptional quality care for dogs and allowed them to play with each other all day long while giving their owners the peace of mind to know that their best friends were very well cared for.

How a Pet Resort Became Profitable in Just Six Months

Despite growing up on a farm and loving animals, Mike Sullivan never expected to own a successful pet resort in Dallas, Texas. But after a career in corporate sales and then becoming self-employed with multiple businesses, he decided to open a pet store that also offered a pet grooming service.

Achieving Success without the Stress

Like many pet resort owners, Patti Lehman had a passion for animals and caring for dogs in need. In 2003 she left her post of 17 years as Assistant Finance Director for the county in Kissimmee, Florida to purchase the Bass Pet Resort and Spa. This afforded her the opportunity to dedicate her life to providing pet resort guests with the love, attention, and passion she has for her own animals.

Hitting “Refresh” on Business Growth with Pet Care-specific Marketing

With a love for animals and past experience working in a Children’s Hospital, it was no wonder that Randi Drake eventually switched careers to run a pet resort. As Drake puts it, “caring for others’ children is very similar to caring for others’ pets.” In 2014, when she became the owner of Citizen Canine, Drake acquired a business that had a built-in reputation for excellent customer service and pet care.

How a Pet Resort Grew by 20% and Expanded Their Business

Ten years ago, Charmae Scheffer was looking for a place to board her dogs when she had the idea of opening a boarding facility herself. “We had looked at many facilities in the area, but none offered what we were looking for, and we thought we could do it better,” she said. So she and her husband began searching for land that could accommodate both their house and a boarding facility.