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COVID-19 Pet Resort Website Trends READ MORE

COVID-19 Related Travel Industry Trends

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the travel industry continues to be far-reaching and rapidly evolving. And since pet resorts and the travel industry are inextricably linked, it’s important now more than ever to stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

In an effort to track and interpret current trends in the travel industry, free from political or media bias, we have compiled a collection of reliable data sources that provide an overview of travel patterns and transit methods. These sources include:

  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Data for Air Travel
  • Energy Information Agency (EIA) data for Gasoline Retail Supply
  • U.S. Hotel Occupancy Rates

This information will be updated weekly for the foreseeable future. Links to recent news articles are also included below for additional insights into the travel landscape as it evolves.

Pet Resort Google Search Trends

Google Trends shows Dog Boarding continues to be slow but with a slight increase for Thanksgiving. Dog Daycare search interest has been trending down slightly in the past few weeks.  Since its peak at the end of May, search interest in dog grooming has declined back to similar levels slightly above last year but we are seeing a good increase in the past month.  Dog training search interest continues to be above last year’s levels and has recently started to rise, with a strong increase as we approach the peak at the end of the year.

Updated December 11, 2020

Year Over Year Pet Resort Search Trends

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Dog Boarding 2019 vs 2020

We have updated these charts to show relative indexes for each individual search versus combining the 4, which allows us to see more detailed trends. Dog boarding has almost approached last year’s levels, and we will continue to monitor to see if it sustains last fall’s search levels.

Dog boarding continues to follow last year’s seasons trends, but has dropped -44.0% this week versus last year, which does not bode well for the Christmas holiday demand.  With recent news reports calling for people to stop traveling, we are seeing demand drop to the -40%+ of the prior year, which matched more the trend we saw in late May. At this rate we do not expect much improvement for the rest of the year.

Updated December 11, 2020

Dog Daycare 2019 vs 2020

Dog Daycare has remained one of the more stable services. It picked up recently and is only -6.8% behind last year, whereas a month ago search interest was down around -25%. This may mean demand for dog daycare could increase significantly as we approach the holidays, as people decorate and get ready to celebrate at home.

Updated December 11, 2020

Dog Training 2019 vs 2020

Dog Training has been the brightest service area, with interest exceeding last year’s after the surge in adoptions during the spring. Training continues to run about 10%+ above last year. This week interest was up 13.3% over last year. We are forecasting this will stay above last year and are preparing for a significant spike in the last few weeks of the year. 

Updated December 11, 2020

Dog Grooming 2019 vs 2020

Dog Grooming really took off after restrictions were lifted but is now again beginning to surge past last year’s levels. For the past two weeks it has been 21% above last year's levels, which is extremely positive.

Updated December 11, 2020

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Data for Air Travel

As of 12/11/2020, TSA Passenger data has dropped significantly after the Thanksgiving holiday and is now about around 32% for the rolling 7 days, compared to last year in a similar timeframe.  For the past week we have seen travel drop by about 4% versus the prior week. We did not see the big surge we were hoping for airline travel over Thanksgiving.  Even with the positive news about the vaccine, we still think the airline industry and boarding industry are going to have a long road to recovery, at least a full year away, if not more.

Updated December 10, 2020

US Hotel Occupancy Rates

Hotel Occupancy has seen some drop in the past two weeks to some of the lowest levels since May, dropping to 37.4%.  This is down 37.9% versus last year’s rate. While this data trails the airline passenger trend, this is not good news for boarding facilities, as people may be opting to travel with their pets versus staying in hotels.

Updated November 22, 2020

The AP is reporting an increase in air travel over Thanksgiving, despite health warnings from officials. CNN and Fast Company are reporting on the potential impact of a COVID vaccine on the airline industry, which they say will likely help the industry cover within an unknown time frame.

Updated December 5, 2020

The Points Guy has compiled a round-up of current hotel change and cancellation policies from major hotel chains. Some are more customer-friendly than others and indicate the importance of flexibility in today’s market especially as it applies to our Pet Resort clients.

Energy Information Agency (EIA) data for Gasoline Retail Supply

Gasoline Supply as a measure of road travel has begun to mirror last year’s trends but has steadily declined the past few weeks. It is now running 14.4% below last year’s supply according to the EIA.

A survey detailed by Travel + Leisure indicated that more people will fly than drive this holiday season. For those who decide to travel by car for the holidays, CNN is offering a list of safety tips. With winter weather to contend with, driving with pets may become less convenient and drive pet parents to make overnight boarding reservations.

Updated December 4, 2020

In Summary

As the travel landscape continues to evolve around the world, we will see new health and safety protocols and the gradual return of tourists and business travelers. 

As the Secretary-General of the UN’s World Tourism Organization observed:

Trust is the new currency” 

For our valued Pet Resort partners, your business is already based on the trust your clients place in you to care for their pets with as much loving attention as they would receive at home. Trust in the coronavirus climate expands that understanding to include increased cleaning measures to protect pets, clients and employees, flexibility when making reservations, and confidence that you will stand ready to serve your community and especially front-line workers. 

Check back often for up-to-date intel for making informed decisions regarding your pet resort business. We will continue to monitor the data and media coverage of travel trends in support of your efforts to serve your community and their beloved pets.