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Pet Care Services Trend Forecast

June 2023 - Updated Monthly

With years of experience as digital marketing consultants for pet care service providers, Pet Resort Marketing – Powered by Nehmedia, Inc. has industry knowledge that is unmatched. Our customized approach includes diving into the data to make informed decisions and strategic recommendations for each client.

The past few years have accelerated the digital transformation that was already underway, making online traffic more crucial than ever. And for pet resorts, veterinary clinics and others in the pet services business, the pandemic has impacted “paw” traffic in both positive and negative ways. Our approach to understanding the trends includes analyzing the historical data, building a model to help forecast future interest and using it to create a marketing strategy based on reliable data.

Nehmedia has developed a linear regression model with seasonal adjustments and pandemic corrections based on the Google Trends data since January 1, 2019. The equation models the expected search trends based on four years of historical data while adjusting for seasonality and for the dips and surges from the pandemic. By using this predictive model, we can forecast search volumes in 2023 which are shown below in Orange dashed lines.

Google Trends tells us what people are searching for, in real time. We can use this data to measure search interest in a particular topic, in a particular place, and at a particular time. This data is widely recognized as a reliable source for understanding search queries and gaining insights about your potential customers.

U.S. “Dog Boarding Near Me” Search Demand Forecast vs Google Trends

The search trends for “Dog Boarding Near Me” have been closely aligning with our forecast since the beginning of 2023. We are seeing an increasing demand for the summer traveling season and expect the high search interest to persist in the following weeks as well.

U.S. “Dog Daycare Near Me” Search Demand Forecast vs Google Trends

The search trends for “Dog Daycare Near Me” falls slightly behind the forecast in the month of April. With summer approaching, we anticipate the demand for dog daycare will continue to increase in the next few months. We would expect demand levels to be higher than the summer of 2022 as Dog Daycare has emerged as a growth area in the pet industry. We predict that dog daycare search interest will closely align with our forecast in 2023. As you can see from the Google Trends data, demand for daycare went way down during the height of the pandemic, and it spiked the following summer. Without these factors, the fluctuations would be fairly predictable based on seasonality.

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U.S. “Dog Training Near Me” Search Demand Forecast vs Google Trends

“Dog Training Near Me” searches experienced a notable surge during the start of the pandemic which coincided with a substantial rise in the adoptions of dogs across the country. However, starting in June 2022, we saw that interest drop significantly. We saw a slight recovery in interest at the end of 2022 as families adopted new dogs into their homes during the holiday season. Over the first few months of 2023, we have seen a resurgence of dog training demand compared to the end of 2022. However, for the months of April and May 2023, we are seeing a significant decline in Dog Training Near Me. This downward trend is concerning, considering the drop in demand observed during the latter half of 2022. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise caution when it comes to staffing and planning for training demand in the coming months.

U.S. “Dog Grooming Near Me” Search Demand Forecast vs Google Trends

Search interest for “Dog Grooming Near Me” is seeing a steady increase since the beginning of 2023 but still falling behind our annual 2023 forecast. We are seeing a slight decline in interest in April compared to the previous months. Overall, grooming demand is expected to be weaker than last year, potentially due to inflation. Dog grooming is often seen as an optional service and pet owners may cut back due to the higher costs.

U.S. “Veterinarian Near Me” Search Demand Forecast vs Google Trends

“Veterinarian Near Me” searches for the month of April and part of May are surpassing our forecast. The demand has been steadily increasing since the start of 2023 and it appears that in the upcoming summer season, we may see more demand than what we initially predicted. Overall, we do see more demand for veterinarians than we saw in 2022 in the coming months.

In Conclusion

Using projections to predict demand, the forecast model helps in planning for staffing needs, demand generation, marketing, and more. These models will be updated periodically to provide business owners with the most accurate, timely information that you can count on.