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Understanding the Digital Landscape for Pet Resorts: Google Is Everyone’s New Homepage

"Understanding the Digital Landscape for Pet Resorts: Google is Everyone's New Homepage” is an informative look at the major push from Google to keep more people on their site, and less on yours. Therefore, your Google My Business profile (GMB, or your "Second Homepage") could help drive substantial new business or decimate what business you have. If it's not setup properly, you could be leaving valuable pet nights on the table. Tune in to hear more about:

  • The rise in Google's push to keep prospects away from your site and the logic in them doing so
  • The importance of managing your Google profile for maximum results
  • The downsides to not properly managing your GMB Page
  • Examples of good and bad GMB pages
  • The revenue implications of not utilizing the Google Knowledge Panel to the fullest
  • Why your GMB Page is a competitive advantage over Pet Sitters and
  • Next Steps - Pet Resort Marketing's 5 C's for Success
  • Wrap Up / Q&A