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Earn More Revenue by Understanding the Pet Parent’s Journey in Selecting a Pet Resort

Would you like to learn what makes pet parents choose your pet resort over a competitor (or vice versa)? Are you seeking a fool-proof process to getting new, loyal customers? It may seem like the impossible dream but understanding what we call the ‘customer journey’ IS possible and can help you attract more customers and grow your revenues. View this webinar to discover how pet parents search and make decisions online. Understanding the steps your ideal customer takes to finding you will not only build your business value but drive even more great customers your way. You’ll Learn:

  • 5 Stages in the Pet Parent’s Journey
  • The 6 Types of Pet Parents Searching for Your Pet Resort
  • Common Decision Points on Each Pet Parents’ Journey
  • How the Journey Could Differ on Phone vs Laptop
  • Websites That Showcase Your Pet Resort (It’s not just your business website!)
  • How to Take Action: Your Next Steps to Gaining More Customers